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Mixed Returns For Singapore's Most Traded Non-STI Stocks In October 2022


31 October 2022

  • Singapore’s 30 most traded stocks outside of the STI have seen ~S$670 million in net institutional fund outflows in the 2022 year-to-date, with declines in October, bringing their average 2022 year-to-date decline in total return of the stocks to 5%. The most represented sectors among the 30 stocks are REITs, technology, consumer non-cyclicals and the energy sectors.

  • The 5 of the 30 stocks that saw the highest net institutional fund inflows proportionate to market value in in the 2022 year to 28-Oct included Riverstone, Sembcorp Marine, Sheng Siong, Golden Energy & Resources, and CapitaLand Ascott Trust. Total returns of the 5 stocks over the 43 weeks varied from -10% for Riverstone to +202% for Golden Energy & Resources.

  • The most defensive of 30 stocks for October ahead of the final session for the month, included Sembcorp Marine, Golden Energy & Resources, CapitaLand India Trust, Geo Energy Resources, First Resources, RH Petrogas, Golden Agri-Resources and iFAST, with the 8 gainers averaging 8% total returns for the month, while technology and technology-adjacent stocks led the declines.

Ahead of the final trading session of the month, Singapore’s 30 most traded stocks by turnover this year that are outside of the STI, averaged 6% declines in October. Total returns for the month varied from a 19% gain for Sembcorp Marine to a 41% decline for NIO. This brought the average 2022 to 28-Oct decline in total return for the 28 of the 30 stocks that have been listed for the entire period to a 5% decline (with the median decline at 11%). This compared to 1% total return for the STI and 16% decline for the FTSE Developed Index.

Among these 30 stocks, tabled below, 8 stocks outpaced the STI in the 2022 year through to 28 Oct, led by Golden Energy & Resources (SGX:AUE) and Sembcorp Marine (SGX:S51). In total, 19 stocks performed better than the FTSE Developed Index, with 2 of the 30 stocks listing within the period – Yangzijiang Financial (SGX:YF8) and NIO (SGX:NIO).

Like the global stock market, where the technology sector has been the weakest sector in the year thus far, 5 of the 30 stocks that represent the technology sector in the table below were among the 6 least performing stocks over the past 43 weeks – AEM (SGX:AWX), UMS (SGX:558), Frencken (SGX:E28), NanoFilm Technologies (SGX:MZH), iFAST (SGX:AIY).

Similarly, as energy stocks have led the global stock market this year, the 4 energy stocks tabled below have averaged 57% total returns over the past 43 weeks (with the median gain at 26%) – Golden Energy & Resources (SGX:AUE), Geo Energy Resources (SGX:RE4), RH PetroGas (SGX:T13), Rex International (SGX:5WH).

SGX Listed Stock
(In order of Non-STI constituents
& most traded by
2022 YTD turnover)
YTD Total
MTD Total
Bid/Ask Spread
Suntec REIT T82U 3,739 -7.5 -10 -15 73.7 18 REITs
Yangzijiang Financial YF8 1,201 -224.2 N/A -13 147.3 51 Financial Services
Sembcorp Marine S51 3,955 152.7 54 19 82.9 49 Industrials
ComfortDelGro C52 2,729 -76.9 -6 -5 79.4 19 Industrials
Keppel REIT K71U 3,433 -25.4 -14 -7 55.2 22 REITs
AEM AWX 960 -27.7 -39 -22 33.8 32 Technology (Hardware/ Software)
Frasers Centrepoint Trust J69U 3,540 -31.5 -8 -4 48.9 20 REITs
CapitaLand Ascott Trust HMN 3,235 11.8 -4 -4 54.8 22 REITs
UMS 558 592 -24.4 -40 -30 56.4 36 Technology (Hardware/ Software)
NetLink NBN Trust CJLU 3,332 -103.8 -12 -6 60.3 15 Telecommunications
Golden Agri-Resources E5H 3,487 12.0 16 4 182.8 37 Consumer Non-Cyclicals
Geo Energy Resources RE4 555 -10.5 42 8 128.3 54 Energy/ Oil & Gas
Lendlease REIT JYEU 1,583 -4.7 -15 -9 72.5 27 REITs
First Resources EB5 2,323 1.6 2 6 68.6 41 Consumer Non-Cyclicals
Rex International 5WH 293 -14.3 -25 0 217.9 57 Energy/ Oil & Gas
Golden Energy & Resources AUE 2,308 16.3 202 10 59.8 80 Energy/ Oil & Gas
Frencken E28 342 -56.5 -58 -18 62.9 45 Technology (Hardware/ Software)
NIO Inc. NIO 20,286 -20.9 N/A -41 63.3 76 Consumer Cyclicals
CapitaLand China Trust AU8U 1,640 -71.1 -13 -6 51.9 20 REITs
Digital Core REIT DCRU 877 -12.9 -49 -23 91.8 40 REITs
Nanofilm Technologies MZH 1,151 -76.1 -54 -17 67.6 38 Technology (Hardware/ Software)
ESR-LOGOS REIT J91U 2,244 -24.3 -27 -6 150.1 27 REITs
Sheng Siong OV8 2,346 66.8 11 -1 62.3 14 Consumer Non-Cyclicals
RH Petrogas T13 150 -5.3 10 4 56.7 84 Energy/ Oil & Gas
CapitaLand India Trust CY6U 1,322 -38.9 -14 9 90.4 26 REITs
iFAST AIY 1,178 -66.8 -52 2 41.4 39 Technology (Hardware/ Software)
Olam Group VC2 4,992 -32.8 -22 -1 85.3 28 Consumer Non-Cyclicals
Keppel Infrastructure Trust A7RU 2,671 -6.0 5 -1 96.0 16 Utilities
Riverstone AP4 771 31.7 -10 -10 98.2 50 Healthcare
Raffles Medical BSL 2,354 -1.7 -5 -5 79.8 25 Healthcare
Total 79,591 -671
Average -5 -6 37

Source: SGX, Bloomberg, Refinitiv (Data as of 28 Oct 2022)

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