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Stocks That Have Seen Significant Surge In Trading Activity In 2021


13 September 2021

  • Singapore’s 150 most traded stocks in the 2021 year-to-date have made up the lion’s share of day-to-day turnover, which includes 22 stocks that have seen a greater than 10-fold increase in daily turnover in the 2021 year-to-date from 2020. This includes 11 stocks listed on the SGX Mainboard, and 11 stocks listed on Catalist.

  • Last week, Del Monte Pacific, the largest of the relevant 11 SGX Mainboard stocks by market value, reported a 1QFY22 (end 31 Jul) turnaround net profit of US$18.3 million. The company also ended its FY21 on a stronger note reporting back on 23 June an FY21 turnaround net profit of US$63.3 million, reversing the US$81.4 million loss in FY20.

  • Last week, Grand Venture Technology’s proposed placement of up to 25 million new shares on Catalist received approval in-principle from SGX. The largest of the relevant 11 Catalist stocks by market value, the homegrown manufacturing solutions and services intends to undertake a transfer of listing to the Mainboard.

  • While the 22 stocks generated a median total return of 93% in the 2021 year-to-date, the comparatively higher return of the 22 stocks over the past 36 weeks was matched by higher risk, with the 22 stocks also generating a median 180 day historical volatility of 93%.

Global concerns of decelerating economic growth have mounted since the end of June, with global stocks gaining 2.0% over the 10 weeks, whilst Asia Pacific stocks, including the STI, have generated 0.2% gains. Since June, Mining, Utilities, Technology, Healthcare Products and Basic Materials have been among the stronger industries of the market, while segments such as Lodging, Food Services, Leisure, Airlines and Transport have been among the lesser performing. Beyond the benchmarks and sector performances, multiple Singapore stocks have been propelled into the most 150 traded stocks this year on the back of a surge in trading turnover.

Singapore’s 150 most traded stocks in the 2021 year-to-date contributed more than 95% of the day-to-day turnover of all stocks listed on SGX. Among the 150 stocks, 22 stocks have seen a more than 10-fold increase in daily turnover in the 2021 year-to-date from 2020. This includes 11 stocks listed on the Mainboard, and 11 stocks listed on Catalist. The Sectors most represented by the 22 stocks include the Industrial Sector, with 6 stocks, while 4 stocks represent the Consumer Cyclical Sector while the Energy, Basic Materials Sector and Real Estate (excluding REITs) were each represented by 3 stocks.

While the 22 stocks generated a median total return of 92.9% in the 2021 year-to-date, the comparatively higher return of the 22 stocks over the past 36 weeks was matched by higher risk, with the 22 stocks generating a median 180-day historical volatility of 93.0%. The 22 stocks that have seen a greater than 10-fold increase in daily turnover in the 2021 year-to-date from 2020 are tabled below and sort by the highest turnover growth.

Stocks Among 150 Most Traded in 2021 YTD with More Than 10x Increase In Trading Turnover From 2020 SGX
YTD Average
Net Insti
OIO KUX 119.3 $929,835 20511 1.1 -6.3 189.1 241.0 268.0 CATALIST
RH Petrogas T13 101.5 $1,213,199 631 -1.1 4.6 -17.0 448.0 174.9 MAINBOARD
Mercurius Capital 5RF 108.8 $1,050,520 529 2.8 110.3 7.9 241.7 136.2 CATALIST
LHN 41O 132.9 $1,060,568 95 0.7 0.0 -15.8 86.3 66.2 CATALIST
Kim Heng 5G2 64.3 $592,650 50 0.2 13.8 -1.1 184.4 109.8 CATALIST
Fortress Minerals OAJ 222.5 $791,610 47 -0.9 -11.9 -29.4 50.8 75.8 CATALIST
Samudera Shipping S56 337.0 $615,484 34 -1.1 17.9 66.3 161.4 45.2 MAINBOARD
Golden Energy & Resources AUE 753.0 $566,700 31 -0.1 3.2 10.3 98.8 68.8 MAINBOARD
CFM 5EB 51.4 $1,571,940 24 1.8 4.1 -16.4 537.5 159.3 CATALIST
Grand Venture Technology JLB 394.5 $612,248 23 5.0 4.9 43.1 292.5 55.4 CATALIST
The Place E27 658.6 $2,540,821 23 2.9 0.0 -14.5 239.4 96.6 MAINBOARD
VCPlus 43E 109.2 $599,753 21 3.8 0.0 0.0 257.1 129.5 CATALIST
China Star Food 42W 22.1 $583,115 14 0.6 13.6 -13.8 25.0 105.1 CATALIST
Leader Environmental LS9 121.3 $1,335,031 14 -1.1 5.3 -27.1 9.8 89.5 MAINBOARD
Del Monte Pacific D03 758.1 $702,957 13 5.7 11.4 5.4 106.9 51.7 MAINBOARD
Hong Fok H30 675.7 $1,218,681 12 -6.3 0.6 -3.6 9.4 39.3 MAINBOARD
FJ Benjamin F10 27.8 $502,099 12 0.3 4.0 -23.5 73.3 134.5 MAINBOARD
InnoTek M14 193.3 $1,123,454 12 -0.3 5.0 -11.5 50.2 36.4 MAINBOARD
mm2 Asia 1B0 125.6 $1,313,276 12 6.9 -3.6 -20.6 -52.0 79.0 MAINBOARD
Tuan Sing T24 588.8 $1,637,655 12 3.8 -2.0 -2.0 57.8 38.1 MAINBOARD
Metal Component Engineering 5DX 20.6 $610,897 11 -1.5 13.2 -27.1 87.0 152.7 CATALIST
Koh Brothers Eco Engineering 5HV 149.3 $715,921 11 -1.2 12.8 -11.7 71.0 122.4 CATALIST
Total 5,735.6 $21,888,415 22.1
Average 9.1 4.0 149.0 101.6
Median 4.3 -11.6 92.9 93.0

Source: SGX, Refinitiv, Bloomberg (Data as of 10 September 2021).

While the 22 stocks make up 0.6% of the total market value of all stocks listed on SGX, they have contributed 1.7% of the 2021 year-to-date trading turnover of all stocks listed on SGX.

The current market value of the 22 stocks ranges from S$758 million for Del Monte Pacific, to S$21 million for Metal Component Engineering.

  • On 9 Sep, Del Monte Pacific reported 1QFY22 (ended 31 Jul) EBITDA of US$75.0 million, a 77% y-o-y increase from US$42.4 million with net profit reaching US$18.3 million.
  • This reversed the US$3.2 million loss in 1QFY21. Del Monte Pacific also ended the last FY on a stronger note – reporting back on 23 June an FY21 turnaround net profit to US$63.3 million, reversing the US$81.4 million loss in FY20. In 1QFY22, the Group noted it significantly improved its margins by 600 basis points to 28.9% from better sales of higher-margin branded products in the US and lower costs.
  • The Group’s second largest and most profitable subsidiary, Del Monte Philippine’s, saw its international market sales for the July ending quarter rise 40% y-o-y to US$67.8 million on robust sales of Packaged Fruit and Beverages including premium packaged pineapple (Del Monte Deluxe Gold) in the US, and S&W packaged products in Asia.
  • For its outlook the Group maintained it is well-positioned to build on the momentum achieved in FY21 and expects to offset the impact of commodity and transportation headwinds and barring unforeseen circumstances, the Group expects to generate higher net profit in FY22. Del Monte Pacific is 71%-owned by NutriAsia Pacific Ltd and Bluebell Group Holdings Limited, which are beneficially-owned by the Campos family of the Philippines.

Of the 11 Catalist-listed stocks tabled above, Grand Venture Technology maintains the highest market value. The stock has generated a 292.5% total return in the 2021 year to 10 Sep, and was recipient to a similar level of net buying by institutions seen by Del Monte Pacific over the 36 weeks.

  • On 3 Sep, Grand Venture Technology proposed a placement of up to 10 million vendor shares and up to 25 million new shares on Catalist, with the latter receiving approval in-principle from SGX on 8 Sep. With a placement price of S$1.14 per share, the proceeds will build on the competencies, customer base, and capacity scale of the homegrown manufacturing solutions and services provide that serves semiconductor, analytical life sciences, electronics and other industries.
  • Furthermore, in-line with the company’s intention to undertake a transfer of listing to the Mainboard, as announced on 1 Sep, the placement also allows the company to increase its share trading liquidity, public float and shareholder count.
  • Back on 10 Aug, Grand Venture Technology reported a 282.7% y-o-y surge in its 1HFY21 (ended 30 June) net profit to S$8.5 million, while also declaring its maiden dividend.

Catalist-listed OIO Holdings saw the greatest increase in trading turnover in the 2021 year-to-date from 2020. The core business units of OIO Holdings are blockchain technology services and mechanical and engineering services.

  • OIO Holdings’ blockchain arm aims to expand blockchain technology and accelerate its integration by offering B2B consulting and software development services to various industries.
  • Following the acquisition of Moonstake Pte Ltd in May 2021, OIO Holdings extends its business beyond the corporate level by providing digital wallets and staking solutions.
  • Back on 12 Aug, OIO Holdings reported for its 1HFY21 (ended 30 June), revenue increased 142% y-o-y of S$1.6 million, on the back of 276% jump from the blockchain business segment. The company noted that despite achieving a gross profit of S$1.2 million during the period under review, it recorded a net loss of S$0.6m, mainly attributed to items from the new blockchain business segment – namely promotional expenses incurred, non-cash impairment due to the weaker crypto market in June and higher staff related costs.
  • On 9 Sep, OIO Holdings proposed a subscription for 894,841 new ordinary shares in the capital of the company, representing approximately 0.5% of the issued shares of the company, at an issue price of S$0.601 for each subscription share, amounting to an aggregate gross consideration of US$400,000 (S$537,800). The proposed subscriber is Mr Makoto Matsuoka who is in the business of the construction and real estate industries in Japan, and an acquaintance Mr Mitsuru Tezuka, a substantial shareholder of the Company.

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