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Catalist Stocks Offer Diversity Across Sectors and Geography


12 October 2017

  • Approximately one-fifth of Catalist companies generate at least half their revenue from ASEAN (excluding Singapore). With its geographical proximity, ASEAN is expected to be a key beneficiary and bridgehead of OBOR as it sees more infrastructure developments, increased trade and regional connectivity.

  • All 11 GICS® sectors are well-represented on the Catalist board, with wider diversity on the Industry level, providing investors with the opportunity to invest in a wide range of businesses or industries.

  • In the recent years, there were many “firsts” and niche industry segments to list on Catalist. Examples include the first coffee shop operator (Kimly Limited) to the first China dental play (Aoxin Q & M Dental).

SGX Catalist Board

Launched in 2007 and replacing SESDAQ, SGX’s Catalist board celebrates its 10th year anniversary this year.

Catalist provides investors access to smaller-sized, yet potentially fast-growing companies and allows less mature and developing enterprises to raise funds either through equity or debt.

Approximately one fifth of Catalist companies generate >50% revenue from ASEAN

There are currently 197 companies listed on Catalist with a combined market capitalisation of S$11.6 billion (click here to read more). According to Bloomberg, 36 or approximately one-fifth of Catalist companies generate at least 50% of their revenue from ASEAN (excluding Singapore). These stocks may provide investors opportunities to invest in companies with ASEAN exposure across diverse industries.

With its geographical proximity and relatively low risk profile, ASEAN is expected to be a key beneficiary and bridgehead of OBOR as it sees more infrastructure developments and improvements, as well as increased trade and regional connectivity in the region (click here to read more).

Out of the 36 Catalist companies with at least 50% of their revenue from ASEAN, four have listed on the platform in the recent years and are Aspen Group, Samurai 2k Aerosol, shopper360, and Axcelasia. Please refer to the table below for more details of the recent listings on Catalist.

Wide diversity across Sectors and Industries

The Catalist Board is diverse, with representation across all 11 of the MSCI Global Industry Classification Standard (GICS®) sectors. On a GICS® Industry level, there is even wider diversity with a total of 39 different industries. This implies that the Catalist Board provides investors with the opportunity to invest in a wide range of businesses or industries.

GICS® Sector Representation on Catalist

Source: Bloomberg (data as of 11 October 2017).

Many “firsts” and niche offerings to list on Catalist

There were many “firsts” to list on Catalist in recent years, such as the first listed coffee shop operator (Kimly Limited) to the first China dental play (Aoxin Q & M Dental), as some examples. Recent initial public offerings (IPOs) on the Catalist in past two years (Sep 2015 till date) have also seen several unique and niche industry segments, some of the examples are listed below (in order of the most recent listing dates).

  • Y Ventures Group – Data analytics driven e-commerce retailer and distributor with a global presence
  • shopper360 – Provider of shopper market services in retail consumer goods industries in Malaysia
  • Union Gas Holdings – Established provider of fuel products in Singapore
  • Aoxin Q & M Dental Group – First China dental play to list on SGX
  • UnUsUaL Limited – Leading provider of concert promotion and event production in Asia
  • Kimly Limited – First coffee shop operator to list on SGX
  • Samurai 2K Aerosol – Leading high performance aerosol coating specialist
  • HC Surgical Specialists – First endoscopic procedures provider to list on SGX
  • Acromec Engineers – Established specialist engineering services provider in field of controlled environments
  • The Trendlines Group – Innovation commercialisation company specialising in incubation, seed/start-ups

There were 25 stocks which listed via IPO on Catalist in the past two years, tabled below. The sectors span across Consumer, Healthcare, Industrials to Materials. These 25 stocks have returned a market capitalisation weighted average of +40.8% in the year-to-date.

Name SGX
Market Cap
Price Change
GICS Ind Name
Kimly 1D0 434 0.375 51.0* Hotels, Restaurants & Leisure
Jumbo Group 42R 385 0.600 -4.9 Hotels, Restaurants & Leisure
UnUsUaL 1D1 341 0.530 165.0* Media
World Class Global 1E6 224 0.245 -5.8* Real Estate Management & Devel
Aspen Group Hldgs 1F3 195 0.225 -2.2* Real Estate Management & Devel
United Global 43P 114 0.360 30.3 Chemicals
HC Surgical Specialists 1B1 99 0.660 11.7 Health Care Providers & Servic
Samurai 2K Aerosol 1C3 97 0.965 382.5* Chemicals
Aoxin Q & M Dental Group 1D4 84 0.225 12.5* Health Care Providers & Servic
Sanli Environmental 1E3 81 0.300 33.3* Construction & Engineering
The Trendlines Group 42T 78 0.153 2.0 Capital Markets
Anchor Resources 43E 68 0.066 -27.5 Metals & Mining
Advancer Global 43Q 57 0.305 -13.0 Commercial Services & Supplies
TLV Hldgs 42L 51 0.091 -18.1 Specialty Retail
Union Gas 1F2 48 0.240 -4.0* Gas Utilities
Y Ventures 1F1 48 0.240 9.1* Internet & Direct Marketing Re
Wong Fong Industries 1A1 46 0.195 -28.3 Machinery
Katrina Group 1A0 45 0.196 -10.5 Hotels, Restaurants & Leisure
Secura Group 43B 42 0.104 -48.2 Commercial Services & Supplies
GS Hldgs 43A 39 0.295 -18.1 Commercial Services & Supplies
Acromec Engineers 43F 35 0.285 -49.6 Construction & Engineering
Shopper360 1F0 31 0.270 -5.9* Media
AGV Group 1A4 21 0.168 -15.2 Metals & Mining
Axcelasia Inc 42U 10 0.060 -45.9 Professional Services
Eindec Corporation 42Z 5 0.046 -11.5 Building Products
Simple Average 15.7%
Market Cap Weighted Average 40.8%

Source: Bloomberg & SGX StockFacts (data as of 11 October 2017).

These 25 stocks were listed (IPO only, excluding reverse takeovers) in past two years (Sep 2015 till date).
* Indicates stocks that were listed in 2017, YTD Price Change is calculated from initial offer price till date.

Did You Know?

There were 21 transfers from Catalist to Mainboard since 2007. Catalist companies are able to apply for a transfer to Mainboard upon meeting certain admission requirements such as but not limited to, listed on Catalist for a minimum of two years, met Mainboard quantitative listing requirements, and sought shareholders’ approval among others.

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