Winking Studios - UOB Kay Hian 2024-04-04: Levelling Up In The Dynamic World Of Game Art

Winking Studios - Levelling Up In The Dynamic World Of Game Art

Winking Studios (SGX:WKS) | SGinvestors.ioWinking Studios (SGX:WKS)
  • Winking Studios (SGX:WKS) has established itself as a leading game art outsourcing studio globally with over 25 years of experience. As demand for game art outsourcing is expected to rise with the surge in game popularity, we expect Winking Studios’s 2024/25 core earnings to grow 12%/10% respectively.
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Investment Highlights

Leading game art outsourcing studio with strong track record.

  • With a 25-year track record of delivering end-to-end art outsourcing and game development services for the gaming sector, Winking Studios is the third-largest game art outsourcing studio in Asia and fourth largest globally. Some 82% of its revenue is derived from art outsourcing, where environment and characters are designed.
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  • As of 31 Mar 24, Winking Studios operates seven studios in Nanjing, Shanghai and Taipei with over 700 employees, including 600 designers and artists.

In strong position to capitalise on booming game art outsourcing industry.

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Heidi Mo UOB Kay Hian Research | 2024-04-04

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