17Live Group - Phillip Securities 2024-04-08: Back To Growth Mode

17Live Group - Back To Growth Mode

17LIVE (SGX:LVR) | SGinvestors.io17LIVE (SGX:LVR)
  • We initiate coverage on 17LIVE Group (SGX:LVR) with a BUY recommendation and DCF-backed target price of S$2.30 (WACC: 14.1%, TG: 1%). We believe 17LIVE Group can further optimize its revenue and operating model, thereby improving profitability from FY24 onwards.

Company Background

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  • Established in 2015, 17LIVE Inc (17LIVE) is a pure-play live-streaming platform with its main markets in Japan (68% revenue) and Taiwan (25%). Revenue is generated from the sale of virtual gifts and value-added services in real liver live streaming, virtual liver live (V-Liver) streaming, live commerce and audio live streaming.
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  • 17LIVE's live streaming is optimized for higher engagement with users compared with other platforms (e.g. TikTok, YouTube). The streaming time or content is longer, greater interaction with users and smaller communities are formed to build deeper connections.

Investment Highlights

Organic growth.

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Liu Miao Miao Phillip Securities Research | Paul Chew Phillip Securities | https://www.stocksbnb.com/ 2024-04-08

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