Hyphen Pharma - SAC Capital 2023-05-25: Beyond The Shores

Hyphen Pharma - Beyond The Shores

Hyphens Pharma (SGX:1J5) | SGinvestors.ioHyphens Pharma (SGX:1J5)
  • Hyphens Pharma (SGX:1J5), established in 1998, is Singapore’s leading specialty pharmaceutical and consumer healthcare group with a diverse footprint in ASEAN countries.
  • Hyphens Pharma holds exclusive licenses and main distributorship with top pharmaceutical companies globally, mainly from Europe and the United States. They also build a strong franchise by means of in-licensing and R&D collaborations with reputable research institutions in Singapore.
  • - Read this at SGinvestors.io -
  • - Read this at SGinvestors.io -
  • Hyphens Pharma products are selling in the premium market while Novem are targeting mostly the public sector. Prior to Novem acquisition, ~42% of sales are from the government. With the Healthier SG scheme, the public sector will grow at a faster pace, benefitting the Hyphens Pharma from the acquisition where ~60% of Novem sales are to government hospitals and polyclinics.

Hyphens Pharma – Investment Thesis


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Yeo Peng Joon SAC Capital Research | Matthias Chan SAC Capital | https://www.saccapital.com.sg/ 2023-05-25

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