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Price Targets & Stock Ratings Recommendation of Singapore Stocks and REITs By Brokers including CIMB Securities, DBS Vickers, Maybank Kim Eng, OCBC Investment Research, Phillip Securities, RHB Securities, UOB Kay Hian @

Stock Broker Date Report Rating Target
Adj %
Last Traded
Price On
GUOCOLAND LIMITED (F17.SI)Maybank Kim Eng2017-10-06BUY2.900 5.5%2.43019.3%
CITY DEVELOPMENTS LIMITED (C09.SI)Maybank Kim Eng2017-10-06BUY13.600 12.9%12.8206.1%
CITY DEVELOPMENTS LIMITED (C09.SI)Maybank Kim Eng2017-10-06BUY13.600 12.9%12.8206.1%
GUOCOLAND LIMITED (F17.SI)Maybank Kim Eng2017-10-06BUY2.900 5.5%2.43019.3%
UOL GROUP LIMITED (U14.SI)Maybank Kim Eng2017-10-06BUY9.800 3.9%8.74012.1%
VENTURE CORPORATION LIMITED (V03.SI)DBS Research2017-10-06BUY21.000 26.5%18.56013.1%
GOLDEN AGRI-RESOURCES LTD (E5H.SI)OCBC Investment2017-10-05HOLD0.350 2.8%0.380-7.9%
OUE COMMERCIAL REIT (TS0U.SI)OCBC Investment2017-10-04HOLD0.670 1.5%0.715-6.3%
VENTURE CORPORATION LIMITED (V03.SI)CIMB Research2017-10-03ADD20.870 32.1%18.56012.4%
HI-P INTERNATIONAL LIMITED (H17.SI)DBS Research2017-10-03BUY1.670 15.2%1.680-0.6%
OXLEY HOLDINGS LIMITED (5UX.SI)UOB Kay Hian2017-10-03BUY0.670Initiate0.6601.5%
SINGTEL (Z74.SI)DBS Research2017-10-02BUY4.300 3.6%3.74015.0%
SEMBCORP MARINE LTD (S51.SI)UOB Kay Hian2017-10-02HOLD1.770 1.7%1.850-4.3%
SEMBCORP INDUSTRIES LTD (U96.SI)UOB Kay Hian2017-10-02BUY3.570 0.6%3.20011.6%
KEPPEL CORPORATION LIMITED (BN4.SI)UOB Kay Hian2017-10-02HOLD6.710 2.2%7.130-5.9%
TALKMED GROUP LIMITED (5G3.SI)RHB Invest2017-10-02BUY0.690 5.5%0.695-0.7%
DELFI LIMITED (P34.SI)RHB Invest2017-10-02BUY1.860 7%1.53521.2%
ASPEN (GROUP) HOLDINGS LIMITED (1F3.SI)CIMB Research2017-09-29ADD0.290Initiate0.21534.9%
COMFORTDELGRO CORPORATION LTD (C52.SI)UOB Kay Hian2017-09-29BUY2.340 1.3%1.99017.6%
COMFORTDELGRO CORPORATION LTD (C52.SI)Maybank Kim Eng2017-09-28BUY2.400 6.7%1.99020.6%
COMFORTDELGRO CORPORATION LTD (C52.SI)CIMB Research2017-09-27HOLD2.150 12.6%1.9908.0%
DAIRY FARM INT'L HOLDINGS LTD (D01.SI)Phillip Securities2017-09-27BUY9.890Initiate8.08022.4%
BANYAN TREE HOLDINGS LIMITED (B58.SI)UOB Kay Hian2017-09-27BUY0.920 1.1%0.64043.8%
KSH HOLDINGS LIMITED (ER0.SI)OCBC Investment2017-09-27HOLD0.690 19.8%0.785-12.1%
CAPITALAND COMMERCIAL TRUST (C61U.SI)OCBC Investment2017-09-26HOLD1.650 2.4%1.660-0.6%
VENTURE CORPORATION LIMITED (V03.SI)RHB Invest2017-09-26BUY19.700 34.0%18.5606.1%
KEPPEL DC REIT (AJBU.SI)CIMB Research2017-09-25ADD1.360 6.3%1.3451.1%
SATS LTD. (S58.SI)DBS Research2017-09-25BUY5.020 20.1%4.6807.3%
YANGZIJIANG SHIPBLDG HLDGS LTD (BS6.SI)OCBC Investment2017-09-25HOLD1.480 6.3%1.520-2.6%
SATS LTD. (S58.SI)CIMB Research2017-09-23REDUCE4.240 17%4.680-9.4%

Note This list includes only the stocks / reits with target price / fair value estimation changes as highlighted in the analyst reports published within past 1 month. Refer to Analysts Say > Stocks / REITs Research Report for complete list of most recent reports.


Definition Definitions and expected returns of each Stock Ratings terms vary for each of the brokerage firms. Definitions of 'Target Price' and 'Fair Value' are different too. Refer to Analyst Recommendation Framework for details.

The list is compiled for general information purpose only. While we spend our best effort to keep the data up-to-date, stock rating and target price changes may not be recorded the same day as when they are published. Kindly feedback to us for any discrepancies or outdated data (if the revised rating / target price is not reflected 3 days after it's published).

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