Japan Foods - RHB Invest 2023-06-27: On Track To Expand Its Presence In Singapore

Japan Foods - On Track To Expand Its Presence In Singapore

Japan Foods (SGX:5OI) | SGinvestors.ioJapan Foods (SGX:5OI)
  • We do not expect the recently announced extension on the suspension of Japan Foods (SGX:5OI)’s subsidiary from applying for work passes until 31 May 2024, to impact its restaurant expansion plans in 2023.
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No impact from the penalty and work pass application suspension.

  • See Japan Foods announcement 'Completion of Investigation by Ministry of Manpower on a Subsidiary' dated 22 Jun 2023 – Japan Foods’ subsidiary, Japan Foods Enterprises (JFE), has been suspended from applying for work passes until 31 May 2024. However, the company will be allowed to renew its existing ones. It has also been slapped with a penalty of S$75,000. Japan Foods has noted that the infringements were related to erroneous Central Provident Fund contributions, which inflated JFE’s foreign employee entitlement. The incidents stemmed from administrative oversight.
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The restaurant industry in Singapore continues to register positive growth.

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Shekhar Jaiswal RHB Securities Research | https://www.rhbgroup.com/ 2023-06-27

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